Avenue of Possibility: Washington Celebrates Its First Open Streets Day

October 29, 2019
The view from Georgia Avenue as Washington, D.C., celebrate the city's first Open Streets Day in September 2019.
The view from Georgia Avenue as Washington, D.C., celebrated the district's first Open Streets Day.

If asked what they were planning for Saturday afternoon, most residents of American cities wouldn’t say dancing in the middle of the street.

Yet on October 5, 2019, that’s exactly what many did during Washington D.C.'s first ever Open Streets Day, which closed the normally busy Georgia Avenue to all cars for half the day. For nearly three glorious miles, residents and visitors alike explored a corridor of the city in an entirely new way that prioritized people, safety and joy over moving cars.

Find out how the District Department of Transportation and others helped to bring Open Streets to D.C. here on WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities' TheCityFix.

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