Call for Sessions & Speakers: Urbanism Next Europe

Polis, TNO & NUMO to Co-Organize Urbanism Next Europe 2020 Conference in Rotterdam

Urbanism Next Europe 2020 is looking for proposals for sessions and speakers for this year’s conference on June 25-26, 2020, at Maassilo in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. All are invited to submit here by February 28, 2020. More information on proposals can be obtained here.

About the Urbanism Next Europe 2020 Conference

Big changes are coming in urban mobility and urban development, changes that will have profound impacts on many aspects of life as we know it. Innovation is needed to provide opportunities to address key urban challenges, but these innovations can also aggravate existing problems and have implications that pose fundamental questions for the future of cities.

Urbanism Next Europe 2020 will focus on how we can build the strategic vision and integrated approach cities need, while offering a new and refreshing perspective on the effects and implementation of key trends in urbanization.

Inspired by the annual Urbanism Next Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA, Urbanism Next Europe will be the first European interdisciplinary convening of private, public and academic stakeholders who shape the future of our cities and wish to cooperate to reach societal goals in the fields of land use, the environment, architecture, public health, retail, equity, transportation, public space, real estate, the economy, urban planning and governance.

Urbanism Next Europe 2020 is organized as a collaboration between the Urbanism Next Center, Polis, TNO and NUMO, the New Urban Mobility alliance, as well as the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the European Institute of Innovation & Technology, the International Society of City and Regional Planners, the European Green Vehicles Initiative, the European Conference of Transport Research Institutes, the European Council of Spatial Planners, the European Parking Association, the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council, the Mobility as a Service Alliance, EUCAR (the European Council for Automotive R&D) and the European Association for Architectural Education



NUMO is a global alliance that channels tech-based disruptions in urban transport to create joyful cities where sustainable and just mobility is the new normal. Founded in 2019 as an outgrowth of the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities, NUMO convenes diverse allies and leverages the momentum of significant revolutions in mobility to target urban issues — including equity, labor, governance, safety and data privacy — impacted by the shifting transportation landscape. NUMO is hosted by WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. For more information, visit

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