New Mobility Atlas Update — April 2022

NUMO New Mobility Atlas Update — April 2022

A lot can change in six months… so how has micromobility shifted? We’ve updated the NUMO New Mobility Atlas to reflect changes to the dockless shared new mobility landscape in cities around the world.

First of all… the Atlas contains nearly 2,000 dockless operations! 🥳🥳🥳

Here’s the lay of the land… 

  • 1,026 unique cities with dockless shared micromobility 🏙️
  • 64 countries (6 continents) with dockless shared micromobility 🌐
  • 1,938 total dockless operations* 🚲🛵🛴
    • 1,479 electric scooter operations 🛴
    • 239 shared bike** operations 🚲
    • 220 moped operations 🛵

Here's what's new...

  • 289 cities and 6 countries have welcomed dockless shared micromobility operators*** — including the first operations in an African country
  • 32 new operators since Q3 2021
  • 496 new operations since Q3 2021

And here are some highlighted insights...

  • The United States has experienced the largest increase in operations (82 operations)
  • Lithuania has witnessed the largest decrease in operations (5 operations)
  • Europe has seen the fastest rate of growth (more than doubling!) of operations since Q3 2021
  • The countries with the greatest number of dockless micromobility operations are:
    • The U.S. — 380 operations
    • Germany — 279 operations
    • Poland — 158 operations
    • Italy — 135 operations
    • Spain — 72 operations
  • The cities with the most overall operations are:
    • Barcelona, Spain — 17 operations
    • Rome, Italy — 15 operations
    • Milan, Italy; Berlin, Germany; Bordeaux, France (tie) — 14 operations
    • Brussels, Belgium — 13 operations
  • The cities that experienced the greatest increase in number of dockless micromobility operations since Q3 2021 are:
    • Doha, Qatar — 📈 4 new operations; 8 total
    • Reggio Emilia, Italy — 📈 4 new operations; 4 total
  • The cities that witnessed the greatest decrease in number of dockless micromobility operators since Q3 2021 are:
    • Hamburg, Germany — 📉 2 operations; 9 total
    • Poznan, Poland — 📉 2 operations; 6 total
    • Riga, Latvia — 📉 2 operations; 5 total
    • Mexico City, Mexico — 📉 2 operations; 3 total
    • Chicago, U.S. — 📉 2 operations; 3 total
    • Santiago, Chile — 📉 2 operations; 2 total
    • Salt Lake City, U.S. — 📉 2 operations; 2 total
    • St. Petersburg, Russia — 📉 2 operations; 1 total
    • Tallahassee, U.S. — 2 operations; 1 total


The NUMO New Mobility Atlas has been updated to reflect changes to the dockless shared mobility landscape in cities around the world.
View the latest changes to the NUMO New Mobility Atlas here.

Visit the NUMO New Mobility Atlas to view all the latest changes and download the most current data.

Notice any missing operations? Reach out to Lydia Freehafer at

*‘Operation’ refers to a single occurrence of a dockless, shared electric scooter, bicycle or moped program by an operator in a given city

**As of right now, the New Mobility Atlas reflects dockless shared bike operations

***'Operator’ refers to private operators of dockless, shared electric scooter, bicycle and/or moped services


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