New Mobility Atlas Update — February 22, 2021

February 18, 2021

NUMO New Mobility Atlas Update — February 22, 2021

Time for a refresh. We’ve updated the NUMO New Mobility Atlas to reflect changes to the dockless shared mobility landscape in cities around the world.

Here’s the lay of the land… 

  • 644 unique cities with dockless micromobility 🏙️
  • 1,172 total dockless operators* 🚲🛵🛴
  • 684 electric scooter operators 🛴
  • 369 shared bike** operators 🚲
  • 119 moped operators 🛵

Here's what's new...

  • 210 cities welcomed dockless, electric shared mobility for the first time
  • 79 cities no longer have any dockless micromobility
  • 297 more operations since the Atlas’ last update
  • 523 new operations total
  • 222 operations ceased to exist

And here are some highlighted insights...

  • 271 cities relaunched operations after they were suspended because of COVID-19
  • With a total of 14 service operators (that’s seven more since the last update), Barcelona now is the city with the most dockless mobility operators
  • E-scooters are exploding in Europe, with 109 more cities adding scooter operations since the last update
  • Shared bikes haven’t yet recovered from the effects of the pandemic in North America; only 25 cities have dockless shared bikes, compared to 81 this time last year
  • Since summer 2020, Seattle has gone from zero service operators to five
NUMO New Mobility Atlas Update — February 2021
View the latest changes to the NUMO New Mobility Atlas here.

Visit the NUMO New Mobility Atlas to view all the latest changes and download data.


*‘Operator’ refers to private operators of dockless, shared electric scooter, bicycle and/or moped services
**As of right now, the New Mobility Atlas reflects dockless shared bike operations


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