Micromobility & Your City: Leveraging Data to Achieve Policy Outcomes

Micromobility services and modes are fundamentally influencing how we travel and shifting our built environments. What remains to be seen, however, is how micromobility services are reshaping communities, which often experience the disruptions of new modes and technology without the benefits. 

The data generated by micromobility services can help cities better understand how their communities, public spaces and existing transportation landscapes are being impacted by new technologies and services and where there are gaps in needed service. These data can also offer rich insights into how micromobility services are helping or hindering equity, sustainability and safety goals.

Micromobility & Your City: Leveraging Data to Achieve Policy Outcomes is a mobility data tool for cities to evaluate micromobility services against policy goals that foster safe, sustainable and equitable communities for all. The platform provides a starting point for cities as they begin to address how micromobility services function within transportation systems, how those systems currently serve communities and how to articulate long-term outcomes and craft data-driven policies around those goals. 

Micromobility & Your City: Leveraging Data Outcomes to Achieve Policy Goals
Micromobility & Your City: Leveraging Data to Achieve Policy Goals helps cities build equitable, sustainable and safe communities through mobility data-driven policies.

NUMO convened a coalition of over 50 experts from city governments, research organizations, mobility service operators and data aggregation platforms to develop use cases for mobility data based on real-life municipal regulations. Bringing together stakeholders from many different sectors and disparate perspectives to reach consensus was critical in creating this tool and achieving a joint understanding of how mobility data can be used effectively, proactively and responsibly.

Contributors include:

  • Alejandro Schwedhelm, World Resources Institute
  • Aman Chitkara, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • Annie Chang, SAE International
  • Ashley Friedman, Populus
  • Ben Holland, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Benjamin Welle, World Resources Institute
  • Brytanee Brown, City of Oakland, CA
  • Clarissa Cabansagan, TransForm
  • Colin Hughes, Uber
  • Chelsey Colbert, Future of Privacy Forum
  • Chris Cherry, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Claudia Adriazola-Steil, World Resources Institute
  • Craig Brownstein, World Resources Institute
  • Courtney Sung, Remix
  • Diego Canales, Populus
  • Dana Yanocha, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
  • Danielle Elkins, City of Minneapolis, MN
  • Emily Eros, Shared Streets
  • Emma Vassallo, Grow
  • Francie Stefan, City of Santa Monica, CA
  • Fernanda Rivera, City of Mexico City, MX
  • Henry Greenidge, Cruise
  • Janet Lo, City of Toronto, ON
  • Jesse Coleman, City of Toronto, ON
  • Jaime Lees, Arlington County, VA
  • Joe Girton, Ride Report
  • Jascha Franklin-Hodge, Open Mobility Foundation
  • Joshua Johnson, City of Minneapolis, MN
  • Kelsey Finch, Future of Privacy Forum
  • Lauren Smith, Lyft
  • Luiz Alves, Grow
  • Laurence Wilse-Samson, Bird
  • Louis Pappas, Bird
  • Marisa Rodriguez-McGill, Lyft
  • Mark Sussman, OurStreets
  • Malia Schilling, Populus
  • Mike Wadhera, Skip
  • Marlo Sandler, Lyft
  • Miller Nuttle, Lyft
  • Mollie Pelon McArdle, Shared Streets
  • Melinda Hanson, Bird
  • Mohammad Tajsar, ACLU of Southern California
  • Marla Westervelt, Bird
  • Naomi Doerner, City of Seattle, WA
  • Rachel Zack, Remix
  • Paul White, Bird
  • Regina Clewlow, Populus
  • Ruoying Xu, Populus
  • Raphael Dumas, City of Toronto, ON
  • Russ Brooks, New Urban Mobility Alliance Advisor
  • Rebekah Watkins, Remix
  • Rob McPherson, Skip
  • Ryan Lanyon, City of Toronto, ON
  • Scott Kolber, Roadify
  • Shalin Mantri, Skip
  • Shagithya Deivendran, City of Toronto, ON
  • Sharada Strasmore, City of Washington, DC
  • Uttara Sivaram, Uber
  • Vicente Torres, Grow
  • Stefanie Brodie, Toole Design
  • Ted Graves, Bird
  • Tom Buehler, Skip
  • Tom Ciszek, Bird
  • Tom Santinelli, Bird
  • Vasco Mora, City of Lisbon, PT
  • Zabe Bent, National Association of City Transportation Officials

The discussions were complemented by a survey of 16 local regulations governing micromobility services and evaluations of 7 pilot programs in Canada, Mexico and the United States to gather the underlying data and use cases comprising Micromobility & Your City. Learn more about the policy scan process.

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Header image: Benedicto de Jesus / Flickr