Shared Micromobility Playbook Translations

From scooters to electric bicycles and everything in between, shared micromobility services have rapidly proliferated in cities around the world, transforming the mobility landscape. These new services offer a wealth of potential benefits but must be thoughtfully managed to ensure these benefits are experienced equitably across all communities.

The Shared Micromobility Playbook was originally created by Transportation for America and is intended to be a living, breathing and continuously updated exploration into the core components of a comprehensive shared micromobility policy framework for local governments to consider, including operations, equity, data, metrics and community engagement.

In 2020, NUMO worked with Despacio to create a Spanish translation of the Playbook that would be relevant for Latin American cities and governments. While the original platform was created using knowledge from shared micromobility services and systems in the United States, the insights regarding integrating disruptive new technologies are highly applicable to systems in Latin American cities.

Shared Micromobility Playbook Spanish Translation
Visit the Spanish translation of the Shared Micromobility Playbook

Future plans to further develop the Playbook and expand its accessibility include implementing examples for shared micromobility systems and cities around the world, integrating recommendations more specifically aimed at these geographies and providing other translations.

Visit the Shared Micromobility Playbook (English, Spanish).


Header image: Carlos F. Pardo / Flickr