Micromobility Policy Atlas

The Micromobility Policy Atlas is a digital tool for harnessing the potential of micromobility services like shared bikes and scooters.

A collaboration among the Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC), WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and NUMO, this searchable database catalogs more than 100 micromobility policies and regulatory frameworks from over two dozen countries. The goal of the Atlas is to equip decision-makers and researchers with a cross section of management approaches worldwide.

The Atlas classifies micromobility policies across nearly a dozen areas of regulation, providing English-language information on guidelines, permits, and laws from local and state/provincial levels dating from the earliest days of the dockless micromobility explosion. Included are operating rules like parking and use of bike lanes; fleet caps, fees, and fares; equity plans and requirements; and data standards and communications guidelines, as well as links to the original policy documents in their native languages.

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Discover how cities are leveraging disruptive mobility technologies in their existing transportation networks to work toward policy goals that foster equitable, sustainable and safe mobility for all.


Header image: Paul Krueger / Flickr