Micromobility & Your City Webinar




A decade after the arrival of micromobility services, cities are still grappling with how to use mobility data to ensure these tech-based disruptions are deployed safely, sustainably and equitably. Hosted by NUMO and the SAE Mobility Data Collaborative, "Micromobility & Your City: Leveraging Mobility Data to Achieve Policy Outcomes" delves into best practices for using mobility data to craft policy, developing performance metrics and navigating data privacy considerations. Webinar presented in English and recorded on June 17, 2020.

Learn more about SAE Mobility Data Collaborative's best practices here.


  • Annie Chang, SAE Mobility Data Collaborative
  • Greg Rodriguez, Stantec
  • Rachel Zack, Remix
  • Regina Clewlow, PhD, Populus
  • Russ Brooks, NUMO advisor
  • Sebastian Castellanos, NUMO


  • Josh Johnson, Spin
  • Stefanie Brodie, PhD, Toole Design Group

Moderated by Madlyn McAuliffe (NUMO). Organized by Leanne Kaplan (NUMO).


Header image: Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash