NUMO September 2021 Snapshot Report

September 2021 NUMO Snapshot Report


Released in September 2021, this NUMO snapshot report contains:

  • A look at the newly-launched Move PGH and Universal Basic Mobility pilots to provide residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with access to affordable, reliable mobility 
  • An announcement regarding the Arrested Mobility Collaborative, led by Charles T. Brown and NUMO, to examine how federal, state and local policies and regulations have criminalized Black mobility and curtailed access to opportunity
  • Lessons learned from the first phase of a 2020 program to connect essential workers in Detroit, Michigan, with electric bikes for safe, socially-distanced commutes during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a snapshot of the expanded second phase
  • Highlighted efforts to support of the electrification of U.S. vehicle fleets, specifically those initiatives targeting the equitable deployment of EV charging infrastructure and reaching ambitious climate goals
  • The launch of the NUMO New Mobility Research Collaborative ... and more.


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Header image: Carlos F. Pardo

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