Transportation for America's Shared Micromobility Playbook

As shared micromobility services continue to proliferate, Transportation for America has prepared a Shared Micromobility Playbook with guidance and resources to ensure that the benefits of these services are experienced equitably by all. NUMO is proud to support in the expansion of this Playbook and its translation to other languages.

NUMO worked with Despacio to create a Spanish translation of the Playbook that would be relevant for Latin American cities and governments. Visit the Spanish translation here. Learn more about this effort here.

The playbook is divided into eight policy sections:

  • General Provisions

  • Operations

  • Equipment & Safety

  • Parking & Street Design

  • Equity

  • Communications & Community Engagement

  • Data

  • Metrics


Image: William Murphy / Flickr


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Transportation for America
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December 06, 2019