Resilience & Transportation Webinar Series

Cities were on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to be critical actors in recovery. They face a range of significant challenges from providing reliable transportation for health and other essential employees to promoting public safety.

During 2020, the Resilience & Transportation webinar series explored how transportation agencies and governments around the world responded to the challenges presented by the ongoing public health crisis, as well as the implications for long-term resilience planning. The series was co-hosted by Euroclima+, GIZ, TUMI, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and NUMO.


Lessons from Latin America's Response to COVID-19

Recorded April 15, 2020


  • Lucila Capelli, Undersecretary for Mobility Planning, City of Buenos Aires
  • Juan Carlos González, Head of Staff, Ministry of Transport & Telecommunications, Chile
  • Sergio Eduardo Martinez Jaimes, District Secretary of Mobility, City of Bogotá


Lessons from India's Response to COVID-19

Recorded May 8, 2020


  • Sarika Panda Bhatt, Associate Director, Nagarro & Co-Founder, Raahgiri Foundation
  • O.P. Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, World Resources Institute India
  • Laghu Parashar, Senior Advisor, SMART-SUT at GIZ


Lessons from North America's Response to COVID-19

Recorded May 20, 2020


  • Álvaro Caviedes, Associate, Jarrett Walker + Associates
  • Azhar Chougle, Executive Director, Transit Alliance Miami
  • Mark de la Vergne, Chief of Mobility Innovation, City of Detroit


International Best Practices for Funding Instruments after COVID-19

Recorded June 17, 2020


  • Franz Drees-Gross, Regional Director of Infrastructure for Latin America and the Caribbean Region, World Bank (keynote speaker)
  • Jone Orbea, Electromobility Leader for Latin America and the Caribbean, United Nations Environment Program
  • Friedemann Brockmeyer, civity Management Consultants


Lessons from China's & Bangladesh's Responses to COVID-19

Recorded July 23, 2020


  • Binayak Chakraborthy, Administrative Officer in Charge, Singra Municipality
  • Daizong Liu, Director, WRI China Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
  • Mi Yang, General Manager of Ride Sharing Business at 99, DiDi
  • Shuai Ren, Business Director, DiDi Innovate Transit


How Risky Is It to Use Public Transport?


English Translation:

Recorded August 5, 2020


  • Alejandro Tirachini, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Chile
  • Andrea Varela, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Los Andes University / Coordinator, Global Observatory of Physical Activity
  • Jairo Espinosa Oviedo, Professor, Department of Electric and Automatic Energy (Medellín), National University of Colombia


Lessons from Africa's Response to COVID-19


Recorded: October 16, 2020


  • Emmanuel John — Director of Administration & Strategy, Transport Growth Initiative
  • Janene Tuniz — Project Coordinator, Share the Road Initiative, United Nations Environment Programme
  • Jean-Paul Munyandamutsa — Director General of Social & Good Governance, City of Kigali


Header image: Carlos F. Pardo



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