MoMobility Card Game

MoMobility is a fun, engaging card game designed to open minds and spur interest, awareness and discussion amongst transportation practitioners. 

MoMobility Card Game
MoMobility the card game | Photo: NUMO

To win a round, players put down cards representing ideas for creating sustainable, equitable transportation and joyful cities (represented by goal cards), with mechanisms ranging from the traditional (better maps) to the disruptive (fleets of autonomous vehicles that are electric and shared) to the humorous (a contest for those singing in the rain). Each player must then defend their idea, often arguing directly against their own beliefs. Debate and discovery ensue as players are challenged to rethink the way we design and move around cities.

Played in cities around the world — including Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Bogotá and more — MoMobility was developed with the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities in mind, MoMobility was conceived by NUMO founder Robin Chase and developed by Mitch Turk and NUMO pilots lead Carlos Pardo.

Want to inspire change by playing your own game? Download and print your own set of MoMobility cards, or request a physical deck here. Please note, physical decks are limited as we begin to scale this delightful game!

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