Shared Mobility Principles Capacity Building

The Shared Mobility Principles present us with the ambitious goal of creating sustainable transportation, equitable mobility and joyful cities for all — but the Principles are not self-implementing. In the midst of a rapidly changing ecosystem, cities increasingly need advice about how to proceed.

NUMO and the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transportation (SLoCaT) are working with a group of experts to develop trainings to guide policymakers and sustainable transportation practitioners in implementing the Principles on the ground. 

These trainings will offer participants:

  • A better understanding of what actions other cities are taking regarding new mobility models using local and global case studies

  • Access to a broader cohort of stakeholders that have undergone SMPs trainings

  • An opportunity to identify shared goals and build networks for ongoing engagement

  • Potential next steps to leverage mobility disruptions to meet city or regional goals, increase equity, improve local economies and more

Participants will develop an enhanced understanding of how to execute the Shared Mobility Principles as well as how to guide urban decision makers and other stakeholders toward the best outcomes for city residents. 

We expect these trainings to be available in mid 2020, but in the meantime, we’ve developed an online training to support a 15 to 30-minute presentation on the Shared Mobility Principles.

If you’d like to be part of this initiative — by co-hosting a session in your city, sharing space for a workshop, or in another way — reach out to us at