Got Mobility Data? Using Micromobility & Your City to Inform Impactful Policy Outcomes Webinar



From affordable mobility for all to zero emissions, every city has goals for what they want their transportation systems to help achieve. Cities know that micromobility data can signal whether new services are advancing those goals, but with so much data, knowing exactly which to use can be challenging. In this webinar, you'll learn how cities can use Micromobility & Your City, a new mobility data tool from NUMO, to address transportation systems holistically and proactively by tying municipal goals to data needs.

Learn more about Micromobility & Your City: Leveraging Data to Achieve Policy Outcomes.

Hosted by NUMO (the New Urban Mobility alliance). This webinar was presented in English and recorded on September 2, 2020.


  • Fernanda Rivera — General Director of Road Safety & Sustainable Urban Mobility Systems, México City
  • Josh Johnson — Public Policy Manager, Spin
  • Rachel Zack — Director of Policy, Remix
  • Russ Brooks — NUMO Advisor

Moderated by Sebastian Castellanos (NUMO).


Header image: / Flickr